DH100: Introduction to Digital Humanities

Tuesday/Thursday 9:25am – 10:40am

Brian S. Matzke
Email: bmatzke@ccsu.edu
To meet with me, please schedule an appointment here

This schedule provides links to the video demos, readings, and assignments for each day of the course. Demos and readings should be completed before that day’s class. Assignments should be completed by midnight that class day, and will be graded the day after class.

1/18 – 2/15

Week 1: Introductions
Demo: Example video
Reading: None
Assignment: None
Week 2: Analog and digital archives
Demo: None (Library tour)
Reading: None
Assignment: None
Demo: Digital archives
Reading: Jonathan Zittrain, “The Internet is Rotting” (reading available on Blackboard)
Assignment None
Week 4: Scholarly digital humanities research
Demo: Digital Rhetoric
Reading: Anne Francis Wysocki, “The Multiple Media of Texts” (reading available on Blackboard)
Assignment: Blog post 1: Profile of a DH project
Demo: Part 1: What are primary and secondary sources? Part 2: How to find scholarly sources
Reading: Tara Menon, “Keeping Count: Direct Speech in the Nineteenth-Century British Novel” (access the article through the library)
Assignment: Blog post 2: Three possible research questions
Week 5: Scholarly sources
Demo: How to read an academic paper (If you attended class on 2/8 and feel that you understood the Tara Menon article, this demo is optional)
Reading: One of the two articles listed in your assignment
Assignment: Blog post 3: Analysis of an academic paper
Demo: Zotero
Reading: A scholarly article on your research topic (see assignment); CCSU Library’s LibGuide on Zotero (optional)
Assignment: Blog post 4: Summary of a scholarly source

2/20 – 3/28

Week 6: Primary sources
Week 10: Audio and video markup
Demo: Indexing audiovisual materials
Readings: Check out the resources on the website for The Oral History Metadata Synchronizer. For additional information on how to complete your markup, consult the video tutorials on this page.
Assignment: Gallery entry 5: OHMS index
Demo: None
Readings: None
Assignment: Blog post 8: Reflection on your OHMS index

4/2 – 5/9

Week 12: Word frequencies
Week 13: Timelines and maps
Demo: Timelines and Maps
Reading: None, but we’ll be looking at these online tools: Timeline and StoryMap
Assignment: Gallery entry 8: Timeline or Map
Demo: None
Readings: None
Assignment: Blog post 11: Partial draft or outline
Note: This is the last day that past assignments will be accepted for credit. If any of the first eight gallery items and first eleven blog posts are not visible on your site by the end of the day on 4/18, you will earn a ZERO for the assignment.
Week 14: Flowcharts, trees, and sankeys
Demo: Flowcharts, trees, and sankeys
Reading: None, but we will be working with Visio, RelationshipTree, and SankeyMATIC
Assignment: Gallery entry 9: Fourth data visualization
Demo: A brief history of data visualization
Reading: TBD
Assignment : Blog post 12: Complete rough draft.
Note: Your rough draft must be posted by the end of the day on 4/25. Otherwise you will not be assigned workshop partners and you will not be able to complete the peer critique assignment next week.
Week 15: Workshopping your final paper
Demo: Artificial Intelligence
Reading: None
Assignment: Blog post 13: ChatGPT
Demo: How to publish your final paper (also, some final thoughts will be offered in class)
Reading: “Workshop is not for you” by Jeremiah Chamberlin
Assignment: Peer critiques.
Note: You are required to write peer critiques and email them before class, not by this evening. You will be discussing your critiques in class.

The final paper is due by noon on Thursday, 5/9