Blog post 8: Reflection on your OHMS index

For this week’s post, write five short paragraphs:

Paragraph 1: Describe the video that you used to complete your OHMS index. Provide a brief summary of the video and describe where and how you found it.

Paragraph 2: Describe the structure of the video that you broke it into for your index. Were there natural “chapters” to the video? Did you break it into individual scenes? Individual shots? How did you decide what the separate “chunks” of the video were?

Paragraph 3: Describe the keyword and/or subject tags that you included with the scenes. Tags serve to highlight what’s important about a part of a video–they’re the things that someone can search on when visiting your site, so they influence how people interact with your video. When it came to tags, what decisions did you make and how did you make them?

Paragraph 4: We’re at approximately the midpoint of the semester–how has your sense of your project changed in the past four weeks? Based on the artifacts you’ve found and described, as well as the scholarly sources you’ve looked at, how are you feeling about the state of your project?

Paragraph 5: At this point you should have all of your artifacts on your site, as well as a markup of a text and an index of a video. In a perfect world, if you had unlimited time and resources to work on it, what artifacts would you like to include on your site if you could?

Each paragraph should be 2-4 sentences (about as long as this assignment sheet).