Gallery entry 5: OHMS index

In this exercise you’ll create an index of a video or a piece of audio. Creating this index involves the following steps:

  1. Decide on the video or audio clip that you want to index. If one of the two artifacts that you’ve already uploaded to your site is a piece of audio or video, feel free to use that; otherwise find a new audio or video artifact, but it should relate to your research project in some way. Length does not matter–you will be expected to do the same amount of indexing regardless of whether your audio or video is two minutes long or two hours long.
  2. Log into the Oral History Metadata Synchronizer using the credentials that I provided you.
  3. Add your video. In the metadata editor, enter information in the fields for Title, Summary, Rights Statement, and Language. Enter at least one Subject, which should be from the Library of Congress Subject Headings, and at least one Keyword, which can be anything. Be sure to save your metadata.
  4. Use the indexing tool to tag your video or audio. To earn full credit, you must break your video into at least five segments. For each segment you index, you should include the Title, Partial Transcript, Keywords or Subjects (or both), and the Segment Synopsis.
  5. Additional information, such as links or GPS coordinates, are not required but are encouraged if they will provide useful information to someone visiting your site, or if you think that information might be relevant to your final paper.
  6. Go back to the list of videos, and in the right hand column, “Export”, click on “xml” to download the XML file of your video markup.
  7. Go to Reclaim Hosting and log in. Click on cPanel, then click on All Applications. Click on OHMS Viewer and +install this application.
  8. Where it says “Directory (Optional)” the default name for the directory will be “education”, but this can be confusing, so change that to “ohms”.
  9. Scroll to the bottom of that screen and click +Install. This will install the OHMS viewer on your website.
  10. In your Reclaim Hosting cPanel, click on File Manager. There should now be a folder called ohms. Inside that folder there should be a folder called cachefiles. In that cachefiles folder, upload the xml file that you downloaded in step 6.
  11. Your video or audio index is now on your website. The URL should be [your website’s URL]/ohms/viewer.php?cachefile=[your xml filename].xml. Open up a new browser tab, type that in, and see if you can view your audio or video.
  12. Once you’ve got the URL, go to your Gallery page in WordPress. Upload a new image to your gallery and make the image link to the OHMS URL. Make sure to update the page so that the new image appears in your gallery.

To earn credit on this assignment, your video markup must be accessible from your gallery page and must include at least five chapters with all of the metadata described in the steps above.