Blog post 7: Reflection on your TEI markup

This week’s assignment was difficult. You had to take a document and translate it into a piece of code. For this week’s blog post, write 3-5 paragraphs describing, in plain language, your process of translating your document.

  • First, describe what your document is.
  • Then describe the document’s structure. What are its component parts and how are they divided up?
  • Then describe how you represented that structure using XML tags.
  • Then describe any unique or particularly unusual features of your document, such as handwriting, erasures, pictures, tables, the inclusion of names/dates/places to be tagged, etc.
  • Then describe the TEI elements and attributes that you used to represent those features.

To earn full credit, your post should be clearly written and demonstrate a close reading of your document, an understanding of the basics of text markup, and a thoughtfulness about how to best represent your document with your markup.