Gallery entry 4: TEI markup

In this exercise you’ll create a TEI markup of a one-page document. Creating the markup involves the following steps:

  1. Decide on the document that you want to mark up. It can be something that is only one page, or it can be a single page from something longer. It can be from one of your artifacts that you’ve posted to your gallery, or it can be something new that you’ve found just for this assignment. If it is something new, it should still relate to your research project, and preferably, it is something with some unique characteristics as a document–such as different kinds of fonts, handwriting on the page, different sections or subsections, etc.
  2. Download this TEI_exercise zip file. Then unzip it, and save it somewhere where you will be able to remember it and access it later.
  3. Open Notepad++ on your computer. Notepad++ is a text editor. Text editors are programs that are used to edit computer code, and they render the code in a way that is easier to read.
  4. Within Notepad++, click Open and navigate to the TEI_exercise folder. Open the folder called content. In that folder, open the file exercise_template.xml.
  5. Click File and Save As, and give the file a new name, preferably the title of the document that you are marking up or a shortened version of it. Make sure the file extension is still .xml, and make sure to save it in that same content folder. Note: do not do anything with any other files in the TEI_exercise folder. Those other files contain instructions for how to display the xml file on a browser, and you’ll need them all in that same folder structure later on.
  6. Now, in this new file that you’ve created, create the markup of your document. Transcribe all of the text and use the tags that we learned in class to describe the features of the text. Be sure to save frequently as you work.
  7. After you’ve finished creating your markup, save and close your document, then go back to your file explorer. Right click on the TEI_exercise folder, select Send to and Compressed (zipped) folder. This will create a new
  8. Go to Reclaim Hosting and log in. Go to CPanel and go to File Manager. Click on the wp-content folder.
  9. Inside the wp-content folder, upload Right click on the zipped folder and click Extract to unzip it.
  10. Your TEI markup is now on your website. You can figure out the URL for where you can view the markup by following the file structure in your file manager. The URL should be [your website’s URL]/wp-content/TEI_exercise/content/[your xml filename].xml. Open up a new browser tab, type that in, and see if you can view your document.
  11. Once you’ve got the URL, go to your Gallery page in WordPress. Upload a new image to your gallery and make the image link to the TEI exercise’s URL. Make sure to update the page so that the new image appears in your gallery.

To earn credit for this assignment, your TEI markup must be accessible from your website’s gallery and must accurately represent the structure of the original document.