Gallery entry 3: Third artifact

Add a third artifact to your site with a Dublin Core metadata record underneath it, following all the same steps as the gallery entry 2 assignment.

You should feel free to add additional artifacts to your website’s gallery if you found other primary sources that you are interested in and/or that you might use for your final paper, but you are only required to add these three.

Also, bear in mind that the gallery entry 4 assignment involves marking up a text and the gallery entry 5 assignment involves marking up a video, and you need primary sources to complete those assignments, so it’s a good idea if your gallery has at least one artifact that is a text (a book, article, letter, etc.) and one artifact that is a video.

To earn credit on this assignment, there must be three thumbnails in your website’s gallery, all of which lead to unique pages with primary sources on them, with catalog records underneath those primary sources that catalog the 11 Dublin Core fields.