Assignment: Creative Commons statement and rights statements

First: Go to Select a Creative Commons License for your website (you can select whatever license you want). Copy the embed code that Creative Commons creates for your license. Then go to your WordPress dashboard, go to edit your website’s homepage, and paste the embed code at the bottom or the page, and update the page so that the Creative Commons License is visible on your site. It should look similar to the statement at the bottom of this website’s homepage.

Then: Determine the copyright status of the artifacts that you have added to your site. Go to and find the appropriate Rights Statement for your artifacts. Then go to the pages for each of the artifacts on your site and add the rights statement (including the URI) at the bottom of each catalog record. It should look like this artifact page.

To earn credit on this assignment, the Creative Commons License should be visible on your website’s homepage and the Rights Statement should be visible on each artifact’s page.