Blog post 4: Summary of a scholarly source

Find a recent, peer reviewed scholarly article on your research topic. It does not need to be a digital humanities article, but it does need to be academic–something from a magazine or newspaper won’t qualify.

At the top of your post, provide the full bibliographic citation in either APA or MLA format (use Zotero or ZoteroBib). Then write 3-5 paragraphs answering the following questions:

  • What is the article’s argument?
  • What evidence is the article using to support its argument?
  • In what ways do you agree with the article, and in what ways do you disagree?
    • If you disagree with claims that the article is making, why do you disagree? What evidence to the contrary would you present?
    • If you agree with claims that the article is making, how would you build on those claims? What further research needs to be done on this topic?

To earn credit, your source must be a peer reviewed article, your citation should be in proper APA or MLA format, and your post should be clearly written, sufficiently detailed, and should demonstrate a good understanding of the article.