Blog post 11: Partial draft/outline of final paper

Write a partial draft/outline of your final paper. This can take whatever form works for you: If you prefer to write a detailed outline with bullet points, sentence fragments, and possibly some quotations that you might want to analyze in the final paper, that is fine. If you prefer to write a few paragraphs as a stream of consciousness, just to lay out ideas, that is also fine. Or if you prefer to make a more polished and formal-looking draft, that is fine too. This draft will not be graded based on the quality of the writing; it should just show progress on your paper.

To earn credit, your draft should be at least 600 words long. It does not need to be well written, but it should be clear enough that I can follow it. It should be on topic and demonstrate clear progress towards the final paper.

Late submissions of this assignment will not be accepted for credit.