Gallery entry 7: Word frequency visualization

Create a visualization using either the HathiTrust Bookworm or one of the tools on Voyant. As with previous gallery entry assignments, create a page on your website for the visualization. If you are using the HathiTrust Bookworm, you will need to take a screenshot of your visualization and upload it as an image. If you are using Voyant, you should get the embed code for your visualization and embed it on the page.

As with gallery entry 6, after you have put your visualization on your page, write a brief description underneath it. This only needs to be a couple of sentences–just enough that visitors to your site know what they are looking at.

As with other gallery entries, be sure to add an image to your gallery that links to the page with your word frequency visualization.

To earn credit, the visualization needs to be (1) appropriate (is this the right kind of graph for the kind of data being displayed?), (2) clear (is the data easy understand based on the labels and description?), (3) aesthetically pleasing (does the design show thoughtfulness and attention to detail?), and (4) accessible (can you find the graph from the gallery page?).