Gallery entry 9: Fourth data visualization

Post a fourth data visualization to your site. This visualization can be made using any of the tools introduced in this class that you have not already used for a previous gallery entry: a timeline, map, histogram, scatterplot, Voyant tool, Hathitrust bookworm, sankey, flowchart. You are encouraged to think creatively and use the data and data visualization tools that are going to be most helpful in crafting your paper’s argument.

Note: you are expected to have four visualizations up on your site, but are only required to cite three of them in your paper. So, looking at your paper draft, if you decide that one of your previous visualizations doesn’t really fit, this is an opportunity to create a visualization that would support your paper’s argument better. Alternately, if you are happy with the previous three visualizations and how they are serving your paper’s argument, then you can consider this one to be a bonus that tackles your paper’s topic in a different way.

As with other gallery entries, be sure to add an image to your gallery that links to the page with your word frequency visualization.

To earn credit, your visualization needs to be (1) appropriate (is this the right kind of graph for the kind of data being displayed), (2) clear (is the data easy understand based on the labels and description), (3) aesthetically pleasing (does the design show thoughtfulness and attention to detail), and (4) accessible (can you find the graph from the gallery page).