DH100: Introduction to Digital Humanities

Tuesday/Thursday 9:25am – 10:40am
Ebenezer D. Bassett Hall room 301

Brian S. Matzke
Office: Elihu Burritt Library room 20903
Email: bmatzke@ccsu.edu
To meet with me, please schedule an appointment here

Week 1: Introductions
1/21 Introductions
1/23 Tour of the library
——– Class meets in the Elihu Burritt Library, first floor, by the circulation desk
Week 2: Digital publishing
1/28 Digital rhetoric
——– Before class, read Anne Francis Wysocki, “The Multiple Media of Texts” (available on the course’s Blackboard page)
1/30 Setting up your website
——– Before class, complete the first part of Assignment 1. You can complete more of it if you would like, but you will also have time to work on it in class.
Assignment 1 (due by midnight on 2/2): Set up your website
Blog post 1(due by midnight on 2/3): Profile of a DH project
Week 3: How to read an academic paper, project proposals
2/4 What is a research question?
——– Before class, read: Amanda Shendruk, “Analyzing the Gender Representation of 34,476 Comic Book Characters”
2/6 How to read an academic paper
——– Before class, read: Tara Menon, “Keeping Count: Direct Speech in the Nineteenth-Century British Novel”
Blog post 2 (due by midnight on 2/9): Three possible research questions
Blog post 3 (due by midnight on 2/10): Analysis of an academic paper
Week 4: Library research
2/11 Workshopping your research questions
2/13 Primary and secondary sources
Blog post 4 (due by midnight on 2/16): Summary of a scholarly source
Gallery entry 1 (due by midnight on 2/17): First artifact
Week 5: Descriptive metadata
2/18 Artifacts and where to find them
——– We will be working in class with HathiTrust, Internet Archive, Digital Public Library of America, and Project Gutenberg/GutenTag
2/20 Dublin Core and controlled vocabularies
——– Recommended readings: Johanna Drucker, “Ontologies and Metadata”; DCMI Metadata Terms
Blog post 5 (due by midnight on 2/23): Dublin Core metadata
Gallery entry 2 (due by midnight on 2/24): Second artifact

Week 6: Text markup
2/25 A gentle introduction to XML and TEI
——– Recommended readings: w3schools, “Introduction to XML”; Johanna Drucker, “Text Encoding”
2/27 Working with the TEI Boilerplate
——– We will be working in class with an exercise available through the Women Writers Project. That page has some useful resources. You may also want to look at the website for the TEI Boilerplate
Gallery entry 3 (due by midnight on 3/1): TEI markup
Blog post 6 (due by midnight on 3/2): Reflection on your TEI markup
Week 7: Audio and video markup
3/3 Indexing audiovisual materials
——– We will be working in class with The Oral History Metadata Synchronizer
3/5 Marking up videos with OHMS
——– For additional information on how to complete your markup, consult the video tutorials on this page.
Gallery entry 4 (due by midnight on 3/8): OHMS index
Blog post 7 (due by midnight on 3/9): Reflection on your OHMS index
Week 8: DH Ethics
3/10 Metadata, algorithms, and inequality
——– Before class, read Ruha Benjamin, “Race After Technology” (available on the course’s Blackboard page)
3/12 Copyright
——– View lecture here
Blog post 8 (due by midnight on 3/15): Technology and inequality
Assignment 2 (due by midnight on 3/16): Creative Commons statements and rights statements
Week 9: Spring break
3/17 No class
3/19 No class
Week 10: Timelines and maps
3/24 Timeline and StoryMap
——– View lecture here
3/26 Thesis statements
Gallery entry 5 (due by midnight on 3/29): Timeline or map
Blog post 9 (due by midnight on 3/30): Thesis statement
Week 11: Graphs, histograms, and scatterplots
3/31 Creating histograms and scatterplots in Excel
4/2 Finding and cleaning data
Gallery entry 6 (due by midnight on 4/5): Histogram or scatterplot
Blog post 10 (due by midnight on 4/6): Analysis of a data visualization
Week 12: Word frequencies
4/7 Voyant Tools
4/9 The HathiTrust Bookworm
Gallery entry 7 (due by midnight on 4/12): Word frequency visualization
Blog post 11 (due by midnight on 4/13): Partial draft/outline of final paper
Week 13: Catching up
4/14 In-class workshops and research
4/16 Guest lecture
Gallery entry 8 (due by midnight on 4/19): Third artifact
Blog post 12 (due by midnight on 4/20): Profile of a DH project, take two
Week 14: Trees, flowcharts, and sankeys
4/21 Trees, flowcharts, and sankeys
4/23 Edward Tufte
Gallery entry 9 (due by midnight on 4/26): Fourth data visualization
Blog post 13 (due by midnight on 4/27): Complete rough draft
Week 15: Presentations
4/28 Presentations
4/30 Presentations
Week 16: Workshop
5/5 Workshop
5/7 Reading day — no classes
Final paper (due by midnight on 5/11): Post the final version of your paper including the bibliography to the “Paper” page of your website
Final exam
5/12 The final exam will be held in our regular classroom from 8am to 10am
Here is a list of key terms that you may use as a study guide as you prepare for the final exam