Reading for 9/10

Before Tuesday’s class, read “Keeping Count: Direct Speech in the Nineteenth-Century British Novel” by Tara Menon. This article is available via the library. To access the article:

Go to If you are not on a campus computer, you should sign in first. Then click on the “Databases” tab.
Click “See a list of all databases” — this will open a new tab with a list of all of the library’s databases.
In the search bar, search for “Project Muse.”
Click on “Project MUSE” — this will open the database in a new tab.
In the search bar, search for “Keeping Count.”
The article by Tara Menon should be the first search result. From here you can either read the article or download it as a PDF.

Note: This is one of the more academic readings that I’m asking you to do, but the writing is relatively clear. You do not need to understand everything the article is saying but I do want you to muddle through it prior to class, and I will ask quiz questions about it at the start of class. Then we will talk about strategies for how to read this kind of academic article.