Gallery entry 2: Second artifact

In this assignment you’ll add a second artifact to your gallery and add metadata to both your first and second artifact.

First, in your WordPress dashboard, go to “Plugins” and “Add New”. Search for “Dublin Core Metadata” and install the Dublin Core Metadata plugin by Pgogy.

After you’ve installed the plugin, add your second artifact to your gallery, using the same procedure that you used to add your first artifact last week (note: like your first artifact, your second artifact should be something related to your research project that you would like to analyze in your final paper).

After you’ve uploaded the artifact, look at the column that says “Document” on the right hand side of the screen. Scroll down, and you should see a place that says “Dublin Core”. Click on that, and you should be able to see the Dublin Core Metadata fields (Note: if they’re not located on the right hand column, the metadata fields might also be at the bottom of your screen if you scroll down):

Enter descriptive metadata in the fields.

After you’ve entered the metadata, save the page, then go to “Settings” and “Dublin Core Options.” Make sure all the checkboxes for all the nodes are checked. Then scroll down to where it says “Shortcodes” and enter the following text (you can copy and paste it right from this assignment):

<p><b>Title:</b> <i>%title%</i></p>
<p><b>Author:</b> %creator%</p>
<p><b>Date:</b> %date%</p>
<p><b>Description:</b> %description%</p>
<p><b>Location:</b> %coverage%</p>
<p><b>Language:</b> %language%</p>
<p><b>Format:</b> %format%</p>
<p><b>Type:</b> %type%</p>
<p><b>Subjects:</b> %subject%</p>
<p><b>Rights:</b> %rights%</p>

This will tell your website to display the Dublin core metadata wherever you write in that dublin-core-metadata shortcode (complete with the brackets). Notice that I changed “Creator” to “Author” and “Coverage” to “Location” — you can change the displays however makes sense for your materials.

Once you’ve put the info into the “Shortcodes” window, then you can go back to the page with your artifact and write in the shortcode right underneath the artifact.

Once you’ve done that, go back and do the same thing for the artifact you posted last week too (you can use the same metadata that you created for Blog post 5).

To earn credit on this assignment, two artifacts should be accessible from your gallery page, and the metadata fields and values should be clearly visible on the pages for both of your artifacts.