Extra Credit: Vote!

We have an election coming up! In honor of the election, I’m offering an opportunity for extra credit. This extra credit assignment is worth three points. You have two options for this assignment:

Option 1: An “I Voted” selfie

Vote in the election, either in person on election day or early by mail. If you vote in person, there should be “I voted” stickers available at your polling place. Put on your “I voted” sticker and take a selfie, then post the selfie as a blog post on your website. If you vote by mail, there may be a sticker included in your envelope with your ballot. If so, post a selfie with your sticker; if not, post a selfie with the envelope like I did below (be sure to cover identifying information, and do not take a picture with the ballot itself). That’s it!

Option 2: Profile of a DH project, take two

If you are unable to vote or would prefer not to vote, you may also go back to your assignment for Blog Post 1, look at the list of digital humanities projects, select a project other than the one that you profiled for Blog Post 1, and write a new blog post profiling that project. To earn credit, this new blog post must be 3-5 paragraphs and answer the same questions that were asked in the assignment for Blog Post 1.

You may chose option 1 or option 2, but not both. To earn credit, the blog post with either your selfie or the new profile of a DH project must be up on your site by the end of the day on November 3 (but feel free to post it early).

If you are registered to vote, you should have already received an application for an absentee ballot in the mail. If you are not registered to vote or are not sure, you can check here: https://portaldir.ct.gov/sots/LookUp.aspx. The deadline to register is October 27.