Blog post for 9/22

Your assignment for 9/23 is to post an artifact to your site. Your blog post for this week is to describe the process by which you found that artifact. Write a 2-3 paragraph post narrating your research process:

  • Where did you search? Libraries, websites, databases, Google, etc.?
  • Why did you decide to look where you did?
  • What search terms did you use?
  • What advanced search features or search filters did you apply?
  • How did you decide on the specific artifact that you decided to post?
  • How do you envision this artifact fitting into the final version of the project? How does it support the argument that you are making?

Note: It’s perfectly acceptable for part of your answer here to be, “I knew about this artifact before this class” or “Brian told me to look at this particular library/database.” Whatever your research process was, you can still describe how you came across the resource and how you see it as potentially useful.

This post will be graded based on the thoroughness and clarity of your description of your research.