Blog post 12: Profile of a DH project, take two

As you start to work on your paper and think about the final version of your site, I want to show you some models of what the end product can look like. Below are links to three very successful Digital Humanities Projects. Notice that these are laid out similarly to your sites, with Blog, Gallery, and Paper pages, but each one has unique design choices, as well as very different materials. Take a few minutes to browse the gallery pages. Look at both the artifacts and the data visualizations that have been included.

Take a brief look at all of them, then select one that interests you to look at in more detail. Go to the Paper page and read the paper. Then write a three paragraph blog post answering the following questions:

  1. In your own words, what is the paper’s argument?
  2. The paper uses the materials from the gallery to support its argument — how is it using the artifacts to support its argument?
  3. How is the paper using the data visualizations to support its argument?

To earn full credit, your blog post should be written clearly and should demonstrate that you read the paper closely.