Assignment for 9/30

For your blog post, you found a second artifact for your research project. Add that artifact to your website using the same procedure as last week’s assignment. Only now, using the Dublin Core plugin on your WordPress site, add Dublin Core metadata describing your artifact on the page where the artifact is displayed. This can be the exact same metadata as you created for the blog post.

The Dublin Core fields should be accessible at the bottom of the page where you upload the artifact:

(Note: There have been some issues with the “Date” field not showing up with the plugin. Feel free to just skip that field for now.)

After you’ve entered the metadata, save the page, then go to “Settings” and “Dublin Core Options.” Make sure all the checkboxes for all the nodes are checked. Then scroll down to where it says “Shortcodes” and type in the following text:

This will tell your website to display the Dublin core metadata wherever you write in that dublin-core-metadata shortcode (complete with the brackets). Notice that I changed “Creator” to “Author” and “Coverage” to “Location” — you can change the displays however makes sense for your materials.

Once you’ve put the info into the “Shortcodes” window, then you can go back to the page with your artifact and write in the shortcode right underneath the artifact.

Once you’ve done that, go back and do the same thing for the artifact you posted last week too.

To earn full credit on this assignment, the metadata fields and values should be clearly visible on the pages for both of your two artifacts.