Assignment for 11/4

Post at least one visualization to your website from either the HathiTrust Bookworm or one of the tools on Voyant. This visualization should be accessible from your gallery, alongside your artifacts. You do not need to create any metadata for your visualization. The visualization can either be uploaded as an image, or can be embedded (in the case of Voyant tools, embedding may be a better option, since some of the tools offer dynamic features that a user can manipulate).

You do not need to include any written description of the visualization at this time, but you may if you want to. It might be a good idea to include a description, or at least begin to think about how you would describe your visualization, because when you write your final paper for the class, you will be expected to cite at least one visualization from a text analysis tool, describe what it says, and explain why it is significant. You may start to do that here if you would like to get ahead on that part of the paper, but will not be graded on that at this time.