Assignment for 10/28

Published your marked up video to your website.

The screencast below walks you through the markup process. Further instructions on how to mark up the video can be found at this link.

This second screencast walks you through how to upload the OHMS player to your website. You can also read through the installation process here.

Note, the way that I demonstrate it in that video, I put the link to the OHMS player as a new entry in my gallery. You can do it that way, or, if you would prefer, since the video is already an artifact on your site, you can include a link to the OHMS player on your existing artifact page. Either option is fine, as long as the video markup is accessible either from the gallery page or the artifact page.

To earn full credit for this assignment, your video should have:

  • Title
  • Summary
  • Rights Statement
  • Usage Statement
  • Language
  • Keywords or Subjects (or both)
  • At least five segments, each of which contain:
    • Title
    • Partial Transcript
    • Keywords or Subjects
    • Segment Synopsis

Additional information, such as links or GPS coordinates, are not required but are encouraged if they will provide useful information to someone visiting your site, or if you think that information might be relevant to your final paper.