Assignment for 10/21

Add a third artifact to your website. This should be another primary source, and it should have a Dublin Core record. If you have not already added an audio or video artifact to your website, this third artifact should be a piece of audio or video that is related to your project. If you are having trouble thinking of an audio or video artifact, let me know in class and we can brainstorm ideas. This is the artifact we will also use to complete next week’s assignment, on marking up a video.

This will be the last artifact that is required for your research project, but feel free to add more as you research your topic in future weeks.

To earn full credit on this week’s assignment, your site should have a third artifact, but should also have updated all of the content that was discussed during the User Experience Testing workshop on Tuesday:

What should be on the site at this point:

  • Menu that takes you to the pages for Home, Paper, Blog, and Gallery?
  • Home page?
    • Is there a welcome message explaining what the project is?
    • Is there an image to illustrate the project topic?
    • Is there a creative commons license at the bottom?
  • Paper page (should be present, but blank right now)?
  • Blog page with blog entries?
  • Gallery page?
    • Are there at least three artifacts visible on the Gallery page?
    • Are you able to click on the artifacts on the gallery page, and it takes you to the full artifact (book, video, document, full sized image, etc.)?
    • Is there a Dublin Core metadata record visible beneath each artifact?
    • Is the the XML markup of a document also accessible from the gallery page?

What should not be on the site at this point:

  • Images that came with the WordPress theme (like the picture of a potted cactus)?
  • Any filler text that came with the site, such as a “Hello World!” message or a “Just another WordPress site” header?
  • Any superfluous menus, such as a “Recent Posts” menu on any page other than the blog page?
  • “Leave a comment” text boxes on pages that aren’t blog posts?
  • Any other content that seems confusing or distracting?